Get in touch via alexandersjoberg@gmail.com or livinginthecityzine@gmail.com, and I’ll get back to you.

About LITC:
Living In The City is a K-Town (aka Copenhagen) hardcore/punk fanzine, published by me, Alexander Sjöberg, in cooperation with many contributing photographers, writers, and other good people.
The price of a zine is always as low is i can afford. All money goes to production expenses.

What is a zine?
If you don’t know what a zine is, this article should help sort that out.

Whats in Living In The City?
  • Reviews: Records and other productions relevant to hardcore/punk are reviewed. In general there’s no other limits to my angle than, that it has to be DIY and have some relation to the Copenhagen scene. If i haven’t got a physical copy, i can’t review it properly.
  • Recommendations: Records and the like that i dig, and think you should take notice of. There’s no geographical limists, but DIY and hardcore/punk are still the keywords.
  • Interviews: Yes. We have those.
  • Photography: If possible, every zine will feature some original photography by local punks.
  • Features and debat: The rest of the zine has longer features, debate elements, commentaries and such. I strive after having at least one political debate and/or commentary in each issue.
  • Misc: There’s all sorts of other things, like a venue-list, calendar, flyers, artsy stuff and regular randomness.

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