Living In The City is currently being distributed here (list continuously updated):

Flensborggade 2
1669 København V
Opening hrs.:
Wed-fri: 10-17.00
Sat: 10-14.00

Insula Music
Blågårdsgade 31
2200 København N
Opening hrs.:
Mon-wed: 14-18.00
Thu-fri: 11-18.00
Sat: 11-17.00

Kristianstadgatan 14Möllevången, Malmö
Opening hrs.:
Mon-thu: 12-18.00
Fri: 12-19.00
Sat: 12-16.00

Ungdomshusets Bookcafé
Dortheavej 61
2400 København NV
Opening hrs.:
Mon: 17-19.00
Thu: 17-20.00

If you don’t live in Copenhagen or don’t go to shows (wait, what?!)
Feel free to get in touch on livinginthecityzine@gmail.com, and i can send you one.

Price: 20 DKR (approx. 2,5 €) + postage fee (write me for price)
Payment via PayPal to alexandersjoberg@gmail.com.

Want to distribute?
Contact me for a good wholesale deal.

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